About the Expo

Theme “Unlocking the Tourism and Investment potential of Northern Province 100 years after the end of the First World War.”

20th-25th NOVEMBER, 2018



The Provincial Administration for the Northern Province of Zambia is planning an investment Expo to be held on the sidelines of the World War centenary commemoration in November 2018. The Investment Expo will bring together leading International and Zambian decision makers, business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to dialogue and transact on bankable investment opportunities in the Northern Province of Zambia.

The Investment Expo will convene private equity funds mangers, development finance institutions, bankers, institutional investors, and project developers to review and transact on investment projects in the Northern Province of Zambia from key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, power, energy, real estate, manufacturing, financial services, and infrastructure. The Expo will focus on unlocking private sector finance and investment in Zambia, particularly Northern Province as well as boosting trade and investment between Zambia and other countries.


It is hoped that the investment Expo will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote high level dialogue and networking intended to unlock private sector investment and boost trade and investment in Northern Province;
  • To bring together global and Zambian decision makers, business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to transact on bankable investment projects in Northern Province.
  • Provide a global platform for companies seeking access to international capital markets, and investors, and advisory services;
  • Provide an informational platform for Zambian companies seeking to access regional and international markets;
  • Provide a platform for Zambian start-ups, entrepreneurs, and growth oriented companies to access capital and advisory services from global investors
  • To raise awareness and help mobilize financial resources in Strategic Economic Sectors for sustainable development and inclusive growth in the Province and the Nation as a whole.


  1. Modern Infrastructural Development
    • Availability of good road network systems;
    • Availability of a railway line connecting to the East African region through Tanzania;
    • Air network at two airports in Kasama and Mbala with capacities to accommodate large aircraft. A number of airstrips exist in other districts;
    • Availability of fibre optic cable system for high-speed internet connectivity.
  2. Skilled Labour Force
    • A cadre of professional government employees and qualified artisans.
  3. Low Labour Costs
  4. Strategic Geographic Location
    • Mpulungu Port, Zambia’s only international port, has easy access to the Great lakes region of Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo;
    • Feasibility studies completed to construct a railway line to Mpulungu Port.
  5. Wide Market Access
  6. Guarantees to Investors and investment Incentives
  7. Favourable Investment Policies
    • Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) allowance for a sole director company and a foreigner can register a fully owned entity without local shareholding;
    • The creation of online registration platforms of all government services and various licenses;
    • The establishment of a one-stop shop for investment facilitation;
    • Availability of E-government payment gateways.
  8. Favourable Investment Climate
  • Commercial agriculture because of appropriate soil, topography, and adequate rainfall;
  • Forty percent of water resources in the country are in the Province therefore providing opportunities for commercial agricultural production;
  • Hot springs and breath-taking waterfalls are dotted all over the Province therefore providing investment opportunities in the tourism sector;
  • Lake Tanganyika with abundant biodiversity, many islands offers opportunities for investment in various sectors such as tourism, agriculture, water transport, and port facilities;
  • Pristine beaches in Nsumbu National park and Mpulungu offer investment in tourism facilities;
  • Protected nature areas are investment opportunities for safari companies;
  • There is also a Chamber of Commerce in place within the Province.
  1. Easy Access to Factors of Production
  • Water connection;
  • Power connection;
  • Leasing of Land.
  1. Multi-facility investment zones, industrial parks, economic zones and processing zones in which investors can invest
  • Light industrial economic zone is being constructed in Kasama and will be available for occupation by the year 2020, to would-be investors.


Ariel view of Nuundo head in Nsumbu National Park, Lake Tanganyika picture courtesy of Ndole Bay Lodge management
Mpulungu Harbour, Zambia's only port and gateway to the Great Lakes Region
Good climatic conditions for commercial farming
Elephants in Nsumbu National Park viewed from Lake Tanganyika. Picture courtesy of Ndole Bay Lodge Management
Potential on Hydro Power is abundant due to vast water sources
Good road network in the province for easier movement of goods and services