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On behalf of the Provincial Administration of Northern Province, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Northern Province of Zambia, a region

endowed with a lot of natural resources and investment opportunities in various sectors. Northern Province is one of Zambia’s ten Provinces. The Province lies in the Northern part of Zambia, bordering Luapula in the west and Muchinga Province in the east. The Province shares an international boundary with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the North, Tanzania in the North-East, and the great lakes region through LakeTanganyika. Northern Province of Zambia has special and unique features that cannot be found anywhere in Zambia and the world. These include: Natural resources, appropriate soil, topography and agro-climate, adequate rainfall (for rain-fed agriculture) is assured even during the years when the country faces severe drought. Abundant water and land for commercial agricultural production. Northern Province has 16% of all SADC’s water resources. The Province has a lot of rivers and lakes which cannot be compared with any other place in the country. This can allow for all year round agriculture activities (wetlands agriculture).

It is home to Lake Tanganyika with many islands which are shared by five countries; Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. The Province also has rich mineral deposits, especially gem stones, salt, and slate stone. It boasts of an international port (Mpulungu port) creating easy access to the Great lakes region. Security and Peace among the people who are very friendly with rich and diverse cultural heritage that has held the people together from time immemorial. Hot springs (Kapisha in Kaputa) and breath-taking Waterfalls are dotted all over the Province. Source of the mighty Congo River is found in Mbala District. Un-spoilt beaches in Nsumbu and Mpulungu Slave Routes, 1st World War Sites, Luchelen’ganga, MotoMoto Museum, form a heritage and rich history of the Province. Rock paintings at Mwela in Kasama and Mungwi. Archaeology sites

showing the earliest evidence of Fire at Kalambo furnaces. It has wild game parks, Migratory bird site son Bangweulu swamps, home to the Black Rhino. Tazara Rail line crosses the Province from Kapiri Mposhi to Dares-Salaam, thus making Northern Province the gate way to East Africa. Having highlighted the above, it is my pleasure to introduce this website that explains in details the investment opportunities and potential in Northern Province of Zambia.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Centenary Commemoration of the end of the First World War and Investment Expo Website. This is a platform for showcasing the forthcoming Centenary Commemoration of the end of the First World War and the Northern Province Investment Exposition to be held in Kasama and Mbala districts from 20th to 25th November 2018, under the theme ‘Unlocking the Tourism and Investment potential of Northern Province 100 years after the end of the First World War’.
The forthcoming Centenary Commemoration which is a prestigious event during which Zambia will join the global community in commemorating 100 years since the end of the First World War will be held alongside the Northern Province Investment Expo, strategically designed to expose the delegates to the abundant and largely unexploited natural resources in Northern Province.
The event will commence with the re – enactment of the receipt of a telegraph notice of the end of the First World War by then Kasama District Commissioner Hector Croad on 14th November 2018 at Chambeshi Bridge. However, the 10 day activities leading to the surrender of the Germans in Mbala will be compressed to five days from the 20th to 25th November 2018 with the climax of the Commemorations being the laying of wreath Parade at the World War Memorial Cenotaph in Mbala.
Other events expected to spice up the Commemorations is the diving activity by Special Forces on Lake Chila for the retrieval of World War weapons thrown into the lake by the Germans upon surrender 100 years ago.
During the event, historic sites related to the World Wars such as the Von Lettow Vorbeck Memorial site in Chambeshi area in Kasama, war trenches and tunnels in Mbala, Mbala Old Prison, and Moto-Moto museum will be visited.
Furthermore, delegates will also be taken on familiarization tours of identified investment sites such as Kasaba Bay, Kalungwishi farming block, Lumangwe waterfalls, Kabwelume waterfalls, Kalambo waterfalls, Chishimba waterfalls, Lakes Chila and Tanganyika as well as Mpulungu Harbour.
This website contains much of the information you need to know about the forthcoming Centenary Commemoration and the Northern Province Investment Expo meant to help you prepare to participate and learn more about the stories surrounding the end of the First World War as well as the investment potentials and opportunities that Northern Province has to offer.
It is my hope that you will find time to navigate this website as a platform and tool for information on the event and modalities to attend the event.

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