Despite the great demand for forestry products, and its enormous potential in Northern Province, forestry is far from being developed. It is a well-known fact that the demand for Mukwa, pine and eucalyptus in the building industry, power, communication industries, paper manufacturing, etc. is very high both on the local and export markets.

In addition the recent past we have seen a rise in the demand for a tree species known as Pterocarpuschrysothrix (locally called ‘Mukula’), which is exported to Asian countries mainly China and Thailand. Forests also provide the habitat for bee-keeping, ranching and many others.

Northern Province, with its large tracks of forest land that lies untapped, has the potential for any type of investment in this industry. Kateshi Estate, for example, has started a nursery for indigenous and hard wood trees.

Major investment opportunities in the forestry sector;

  • Establishment of forestry plantations, saw-mills, carpentry shops
  • Domestication of indigenous tree species suitable for lumbering contract building, utilization of timber by-products.
  • Establishment of timber processing plants
  • Establishment of Furniture Companies
  • Establishment of Plants for production of goods from Mukula tree species and other species.
  • Setting up out-grower schemes for honey and beeswax production