Hydro Power Generation

In Northern Province, the demand for electricity is much higher than the supply available from the national grid and the generation at Chishimba Fall’s power station. The need for investment in power generation is therefore urgent and inevitable.

The Province has 12 waterfalls which have been found suitable for hydro-power generation as the market for electricity is huge both in the Northern Province and surrounding regions in the neighboring states of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi. In addition any surplus power generated in the Province can be sold in Zambia through the national grid using the 66kV/330kV inter connecter at Serenje.

There is potential to turn Chishimba Falls in a 40 Mega Watts power station and this would meet the local demand and result into a surplus for export to neighboring countries and to feed into the national grid. There is also potential for numerous mini hydro stations due to the hundreds of rapids on smaller rivers and streams like the one in Mporokoso District. Apart from the hydro-power potential, solar power generation potential also exists. This is according to recent studies undertaken.

Fuel Service Stations

With the increase in the number of people owning motorized transport, the demand for fuel has gone up. Out of the 11 Districts of the Province, only three (3) Districts have Fuel Service Stations. Districts namely Kaputa, Mwingwi, Nsama   and Lunte are among districts that do not have fuel service stations.

Major investment opportunities

  • Development of Mini grids i.e. Solar, hydro and bio-mass
  • Construction of Rural filling stations
  • Construction and rehabilitation of fuel storage depots to assist the country store the much needed fuel strategic reserves.
  • Renewable energy enterprises in rural areas providing both sale and back up services
  • Solar power generation
  • Building and installation of processing and refinery plants for bio-fuel
  • Setting up manufacturing plants for renewable energy technologies i.e wind mills, biogas digesters, solar systems and gasifies.