On 24th October 2024
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Hon. Leonard Mbao, MP
Provincial Minister
Bernard Mpundu
Permanent Secretary



On behalf of the Provincial Administration of Northern Province, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Northern Province of Zambia, a region endowed with a lot of natural resources and investment opportunities in various sectors. Northern Province is one of Zambia’s ten Provinces. The province lies in the Northern part of Zambia, bordering Luapula in the west and Muchinga Province in the east.

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Provincial administration is set up purely for administrative purposes. The province is headed by a minister appointed by the President and there are ministries of central government for each province. The administrative head of the province is the Permanent Secretary, appointed by the President. There is a Deputy Permanent Secretary, heads of government departments and civil servants at the provincial level.

Northern Province is divided into twelve districts, namely, Chilubi District, Kaputa District, Kasama District, Luwingu District, Mbala District, Mporokoso District, Mpulungu District, Mungwi District, Lupososhi District, Senga Hill District, Lunte District and Nsama District. Each District is headed by a District Commissioner, who is appointed by the President.

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